Over 600.000 Tons of Waste were collected and disposed of in BiH in one Year

The Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has published data on waste processing and disposal in BiH for the reference year 2020.

613.597 tons of waste were disposed of in 2020

Reporting units were business entities and parts of business entities registered as waste collectors according to the Classification of Activities (KD BiH 2010) classified in the area of ​​activities E – Water supply, wastewater disposal, waste management, as well as and environmental remediation activities.

Business entities that perform waste processing and disposal show the quantities of waste that were taken over from others in the reference period with the intention of further waste management.

Having in mind the coverage of reporting units only for the area of ​​E-classification of activities in BiH, the total amount of processed and disposed waste amounted to 613.597 tons in 2020.

Increase in the total amount of collected waste

Of the total amount of collected waste, 77.2 percent was collected from the territory of BiH, imports from other countries amounted to 1.5 percent, while the stored amount amounted to 13.6 percent. When it comes to the method of waste management, 11.9 percent was temporarily stored, 36.8 percent was processed, and 50.2 percent was handed over to another business entity for further processing and disposal.

Directives and laws of the European Union (EU), in particular Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste, establish the principle of “extended producer responsibility”, to recycle and use packaging waste generated on the market after consuming their products.

While looking at the period 2014-2020, the trend shows an increase in the total amount of waste collected, as well as the amount handed over to others for management. Significant quantities of waste materials were also imported and processed.



Source: Avaz

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