Palmer: A lot of good Things have been achieved in the Brcko District

The Special Representative of the United States (U.S.) for the Western Balkans, Matthew Palmer, stated yesterday, after visiting the port of Brcko, that many good things have been done in the Brcko District, especially when it comes to the field of infrastructure.

Palmer noted that the prescripts on the regulation of conflicts of interest, and the laws on public gatherings are equally important and that it is another indicator that the leadership of the Brcko District is able to gather around the same table and reach a compromise for the benefit of all citizens.

“We still have a lot of work to do. What lies ahead, not only for the Brcko District but also for the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), is the commitment of its leaders to the anti-corruption fight. The international community and the U.S. will be strong support in that process,” Palmer told.

The mayor of Brcko, Esed Kadric, said that Palmer came to Brcko to support the district authorities in the fight against corruption, in the realization of major infrastructure projects, business initiatives of private investors, as well as in establishing institutions that prevent conflicts of interest.

“We will sign a certain memorandum with the Embassy of the U.S., which will be practiced in Brcko in terms of support and exchange of experiences of engagement of certain persons who will train our officials in these areas,” explained Kadric.

Sinisa Milic, Brcko District Assembly President, said that the visit of the U.S. Special Envoy to the Western Balkans was a kind of recognition for the activities and results that were achieved in the district in the last two and a half years and that Palmer expressed interest in future plans of local government structures with the emphasis on the improving legal framework of the district, the fight against corruption, and the strengthening of the economy and infrastructure.

“Mr. Palmer expressed interest in the prospects of Brcko after the end of international supervision since it is obvious that neither the district nor BiH can integrate into European integration with the management mechanism that comes from the international community. He also expects positive changes at the level of BiH when it comes to reaching a political consensus on limited changes to the Constitution and election legislation, ” Milic pointed out, BHRT writes.


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