Pannonian Lakes visited by 10 000 Swimmers in only one Day

lakeThousands of swimmers at the Pannonian Lake in Tuzla enjoyed the music and songs of doyen of Bosnian traditional music, Nedžad Salković.

Because of his elegant and refined appearance both on stage and in front of TV cameras, his colleagues often called him the Prince of Bosnian sevdah song. Unbearable heat in Tuzla didn’t manage to make the doyen of folk music, Nedžad Salković, to renounce from his tradition that the scene looks “tip top”.

Even though he turned 74 years old, a popular singer looked youthful and enthusiastic during the concert on the scene of restaurant “Pannonica” within the complex of Pannonian lakes.

Many of the 10,000 visitors who made their way to this Tuzla tourist destination, approached the stage to enjoy Nedžad’s songs with the first notes of his companions, accordionists Amir Softić and keyboardist Dragan Divjak. And he exceeded their expectations.

Melodies that made him famous were coming one after another: “Ah, love, love”, “Autumn in my garden”, “When you are laughing my loving daughter,” “My beloved city”, “It has not been easy to me,” and others, and the audience followed him, singing with their whole hearts.

Although before the concert it was written on the social media that the afternoon hours are not appropriate for a concert of doyen of sevdalinka song, Salković proved the opposite. Bathers enjoyed in pleasant and beautiful atmosphere and sang from the water, cooling from the burning 35°C.

Nedžad Salković is in showbiz for the past 57 years. He performed in a number of countries, and almost every continent.



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