Peace Implementation Council Steering Board begins Session in Sarajevo

Political Directors from the member countries of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) Steering Board will meet in Sarajevo on Tuesday, 3 December, and Wednesday, 4 December, to discuss the current state of affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, OHR announced.

On Tuesday, the Political Directors will meet with representatives of local authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In May this year, the PIC Steering Board unequivocally affirmed that the BiH Armed Forces represent a key element of stability, cohesion and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and supported the role it has played in BiH as well as in a number of international peace-keeping missions.

The BiH Presidency is the commander in chief of the BiH Armed Forces, and all members of the BiH Presidency have a legal responsibility to ensure the functioning of the BiH Armed Forces – as the exclusive competence of the state, and in no way call them into question.

We support the full implementation of the BiH defense legislation, which clearly defines the chain of command, duties, responsibilities, and conduct of the members of the BiH Armed Forces.

* The Russian Federation does not join this statement.

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