Pensioners have been living on the Edge of Poverty for a long Time in BiH

The announcement of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) that pensioners in the FBiH will receive a one-time financial aid, in order to help them at least a little in the pandemic, made the pensioners happy. But again, they warn that 100 or 120 BAM they will receive is not enough, because they have been living on the edge of poverty for a long time.

The amount of the guaranteed pension in the Federation is still below 500 BAM. And, the largest number of pensioners receive a pension below 400 BAM. One-time help, pensioners say, will come in handy, but it is not a solution for chronic lack of money.


“It may mean little to someone, but it doesn’t really mean anything. Look, the minimum pension is 370 BAM, a man who worked for 40 years to have such a pension. ”

“Let them try to live like this. Not a whole month, but at least a week. “

“Of course, pensions are not big enough, and what they give is miserable and poor.”

“It is probably low. Does anyone ask you how big the consumer basket is, or what the budget is? Not really. The ministers decide the amount and the job is done. “

The relevant ministry noted that pensioners will get help along with their pension for next month.

“Categories of pensioners in the category below the guaranteed pension will receive something around 120 BAM, while pensioners above the guaranteed up to the highest pension will probably receive the amount of 100 BAM. This is the entire retired population since most pensions in the FBiH are given to a few 1000 people,” told Kenan Spahic, Assistant Minister in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The Association of Pensioners of FBiH reminds the public and politicians that many pensioners live on the edge of existence. That is why they are still hoping pensions will increase.

“We sincerely hope, and there are already indicators that show this year for the first four to five months that more favorable reports can be expected next year,” said Redzo Mehic, President of the Association of Pensioners of FBiH.

Pensioners are not an economic force, economist Zeljko Ricka pointed out. He stated that, with all the worrying economic disturbances, there is also the fact that the number of employees at the end of last year was 520.000, and the number of pensioners was around 420.000. There are over 300.000 unemployed. The permanent increase in pensions, he concludes, is very debatable.

“If in the foreseeable future there is no systemic solution for these relations between the number of employees and the number of pensioners, I am afraid that our future is not bright,” said prof. Dr. Zeljko Ricka, the economist.

He warns that economic stabilization measures must be taken urgently, since currently, he recalls, most pensions are only enough to cover utilities, if the food and medicine costs are not included.

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