People of Srebrenica took part in the Humanitarian Activity “My Hair – Your Hair”

People of Srebrenica joined the activity of cutting and donating hair for the purpose of making wigs for children who are suffering from cancer “My hair, your hair”. Returnee Irvin Mujcic, who hasn’t cut his hair for more than three years, decided to joined this activity in order to make these brave little children happy.

He said that he heard about this activity through the media, and after a proposal of his friends to donate his hair to children, he decided to go to hairdresser and join humanitarian activity.

“I thought about it, and I remembered my aunt who was suffering from leukaemia and who passed away. I was looking for information how to donate my hair, and then I went to cut my hair at the hairdresser Ahmed Ustic, who also decided to cut his own hair as well,” stated Mujcic.

Hairdresser from Srebrenica, Ahmed Ustic, noted that after finding out about the activity, he also decided to donate his hair without any second thoughts.

The main goal of the project “My hair – your hair” is giving psychological help to children who are facing loss of hair due to haematooncological and other types of diseases, but also providing support to their parents.

More than 150 citizens of BiH donated their hair for these children, and a large number of wigs were made from their hair for girls and boys who lost their own hair due to chemotherapy.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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