Pionirska dolina is getting a vivarium

Works on the construction of vivarium for lions in Pionirska dolina (Pioneer’s Valley) have been finished and lions will arrive in 2013.

The object is 1,200 square meters large of 1,000 are open.

”This is a historical day for us and for the citizens of BiH because this is a unique object in BiH. We already have servals which was donated by a lady from Sarajevo, and in May lions will come”, said the manager of Pionirska dolina Esad Tajić.

Lions are donated by European zoos. The object has passed all tests and now it can start working.

Permit for lion import will be given right after the New Year.

”For us, the safety of the visitors is on first place. Lions will be surrounded by impenetrable glass, so the visitors will be able to look at them directly. Pionirska dolina used to have lions 20 years ago, and it is a great thing that lions will come again to Sarajevo”, sad the manager of ”Park” Mustafa Resić.

In the next year Pionirska dolina will get more new species and a playground.

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