Plan is to Turn “Klas” Facility in Srebrenica into a Factory

klasBiH food industry Klas d.d. Sarajevo recently launched a facility for production of pasta in Srebrenica which currently hires five workers in the trial period and Director of Klas Rusmir Hrvić said they plan to turn the facility into a factory.

Srebrenica is the first city in BiH which Director of Klas visited with his associates, after he was appointed director of the company in March this year. That detail shows commitment of company Klas to help Srebrenica in its own way – by launching production and opening new workplaces.

”Preparations for launching production lasted only for a few months and that is how long it took Klas’ team of technologists and other experts to create conditions for the facility to start working. Srebrenica is a city we should all help so life would return to Srebrenica and prosperity for all its peoples”, Hrvić told FENA.

Project of opening Klas facility in Srebrenica was implemented on proposal of Association “Mothers of Srebrenica” in cooperation with economic department of Srebrenica municipality and Municipal Mayor Ćamil Duraković.

Pasta under joint brand “Klas i Moja mama“ (Klas and My Mum) will be produced for BiH market and export of pasta from Srebrenica to foreign markets is expected soon.

”We will begin with pasta. However, there is a possibility of expanding the production range to some new programs which Klas definitely plans to develop, which is compatible with potential of Srebrenica region and capacity of primary agricultural production which is present in Srebrenica”, said Hrvić.

He reminded that Klas in Blažuj has capacity to store around 1.000 of soft and other fruits.

”As we know, there are ideal conditions in area of Srebrenica municipality to cultivate raspberries, blackberries and other soft fruit. Apart from that, there is interest in cultivation of buckwheat and other rare grains in Srebrenica that Klas needs. Our annual demands for buckwheat are around 100 tons. We indicated our needs for this grain back in spring and possibility of purchasing complete yield from territory of Srebrenica municipality”, said Hrvić.


(Source: Fena)

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