Post-Enumeration Census in Srebrenica From 2-10 November

srebrenicaAccording to the method of random selection, among the 107 B&H municipalities in which the post-enumeration census will take place from 2-10 November, Srebrenica will be one of them. This will be a shortened census, which includes only one census circle in municipality Srebrenica.

According to the Census Law, the information that will be obtained from the post-enumeration survey will be compared to the data that was obtained from the census that took place from 1-15 October.

The B&H Statistics Agency will, in cooperation with entity statistics agencies, and according to the Census Law, conduct a post-census survey from 2-10 November in 240 census circles.

More than 800 people will be engaged in the post-census survey, and on the basis of this the reliability of the information obtained from the census will be assessed.

(Source: Fena)

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