Air Pollution Fee: Tuzla Municipality Got 5.86 Million BAM

termoelektrana-tuzlaThe Government of Tuzla Canton at the session held on 22nd October brought a program of distribution of specific funds of the Ministry of planning and environmental protection for this year. From this program the Tuzla Municipality has managed to withdraw funds in the amount of about 5.86 million BAM, which will be spent in the heating projects, water protection, and the construction of sewerage systems, as well as projects that will aim the establishment of  high-quality water supplies.

The resources that the ministry has in its account from the vehicle registration belongs to municipality Tuzla, but also funds awarded by the final judgment of the Municipal Court in Tuzla against Elektroprivreda B&H – Tuzla Termoelektrana, based on the obligation of fee paying for air pollution.

Most funds withdrawn by Tuzla Municipality will be used for the already mentioned projects which will be implemented in five local communities gravitated toward Tuzla Termoelektrana.


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