Premiere of dance plays ”Boja Moga Lica” and ”Vita Molier”

As a part of festival ”Sarajevo Winter” on Sunday 10 March, there will be a premier of two dance plays ”Vita Molier” and ”Boja Moga Lica” (The Colour of My Face) by the Association of Artists ”Bellarte”. The premiere will be held in Centre for Culture ”Sarajevo”, reports FENA.

This dance performance was created by Dajana Popović Zilić, Nadža Pušilo, Adnan Đindo, Daniela Kenežević, Ivan Šarić, Alma Aganspahić, Jovana Milosavljević, Aida Čorbadžić and many other artists.

Performance ”Boja Moga Lica” is focusing on the body of the dancer, as a tool for dance and movement, as an inspiration, as the source of life strength and energy and as a cult of life.

In the second part, the audience will see the premier of the play ”Vita Molier” which portrays in specific manner the relation of the older woman and artist towards herself, her youth and all her life stories that she experienced as an artist and as a woman, said the association ”Bellarte”.

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