Premiere of the film ‘Falsifikator’ on 7 March in Banja Luka

Solemn premiere of the film ‘Falsifikator’ (Forger), directed by Goran Marković will be held on Thursday, 7 March in Multiplex ‘Palas’ in Banja Luka, reports FENA.

The film was realized in cooperation of producer houses ‘Balkan Film’ from RS, ‘Drina Film’ from Serbia, ‘Jadran Film’ from Croatia and RTRS.

Cast of the film: Tihomir Stanić, Branka Katić, Sergej Trifunović, Svetozar Cvetković, Boris Komnenić, Nataša Marković, Emir Hadžihafisbegović, Haris Burina, Aleksandar Stojković, Branko Janković, Dušan Plavšić, Dragoslav Medojević, Anja Stanić, Goran Navojec, Jernej Šugman, Petar Mirčevski, Momo Pićurić and others.

The film is a comedy situated in the sixties. The film’s hero Anđelko, principal of the primary school in Krajina, leads a modest and harmonious family life and he is appreciated by his town folk and loved by his friends.

Anđelko, however, has a serious flaw, he forges school diplomas, which is a practice he’s been doing for ages and he does it because he believes he’s doing a favour to someone and does not get paid for anything, said ‘Balkan Film’.

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