Presenting Sarajevo Japanese from AMK Racing Team (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]The three “Sarajevo Japanese” Emir Taljanovic, Samir Oprasic and Emir Heljic are connected by the same thing, love for Honda’s cars, or more precisely, the model CRX. Thanks to this relationship, permanent and unbreakable friendship was born, as well as business.

Taljanovic, Oprasic and Heljic are members of the AMK Racing Team, which counts 12 members. They are hang out every day, and often organizing gathering of the Honda fans, as well as legal races at 402 meters. Moreover, they work together in the Automotive agency where they have a car wash, but the object serves them as a headquarters and place for socializing. They also have a small workshop in Sarajevo, while the bigger, which is also much better equipped, is located outside the city. Workshops serve them to maintain and improve their cars, as well as for new projects.

“I own a Honda CRX from 1991 with a 1.6-liter Z5 16V engine that is developing 130 hp. I am trying to maintain the car in its original state, since it is very rare, and I really would not like to change something. I bought two damaged cars and made one. Back then I had bigger amount of money, so I put everything in our project, and after half of a year works on the car were completed. To be honest, I bought some things meanwhile, changed something, but that is what I wanted, “said Taljanovic.

He finds his choice of cars logical.

“Simply, the CRX is a classic, timeless, the real attraction. Today we have a much more expensive and much younger cars, but CRX is always interesting and always attracts attention,” said this young man from Sarajevo.

The aim of his colleagues from the AMK Racing Team is that Honda fans and other fans of cars can socialize and exchange their experiences, but also to take the young drivers off the streets, who are often unfortunately killed because of speeding and dangerous driving.

“Gatherings are pretty frequent, the main topics is usually Honda. We organize the races at 402 meters, because we want to give chance to young drivers to feel the adrenaline during the race, but not by “getting wild” on the streets. Races are organized in Zivinice and Mostar,” said Heljic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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