President of RS: The RS will retain Jurisdiction over the Banking Agency

dodikAfter the director of the Banking Agency of the RS Slavica Injac said that supervision of major banks by the Central Bank would be the most cost-effective thing because in a complex community like BiH it is impossible to supervise banks that are operating throughout the entire territory of BiH, the President of the RS Milorad Dodik stated:

“The Banking Agency will remain under the jurisdiction of the RS and there will be no centralization of that kind, nor any kind of transfer of jurisdiction regarding banking sector, primarily the Banking Agency of the RS, although there had been certain efforts to centralize this question on the level of BiH in the past 15 years,” stated Dodik in Banja Luka.

He also added that Slavica Injac is an important director of the Banking Agency of the RS and that she has done everything in the past in order for the Agency to get references that it has now.

To recall, although there is a trial at the Court of BiH against Slavica Injac, Snjezana Vujnic, director of IRB RS and another eight persons that were accused of damaging the banking sector of the RS by almost 123 million BAM in the case of Bobar Bank, Injac has been returned to the position of the director of the Banking Agency of the RS. According to the decision of the Court, she should be in this position until a new director is elected.

(Source: M. T./Klix.ba)

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