”Pretis” company is returning to global market

”Pretis” company from Vogošća made a 12.5 million BAM contract to export new calibre grandees on global market. Also, more than 200 jobs will be preserved.

”After more than 20 months of struggle to save ”Pretis” Vogošća, a 12.5 million contract has been signed and now ”Pretis” will produce new calibre grenades and export them on global market. With this contract we’ll save jobs and create the basis for the development of ”Pretis” who will once again be the leader of defence industry in FBiH. We already have the entire amount of the credit, just as was the case of ”Igman” Konjic, who after that started producing again”, said FBiH Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj.

Trhulj said that ”Pretis” is very important and without it there is no defence industry in BiH

”To speak frankly, with this contract we can offer help to ”Binas” from Bugojno, another factory of defence industry which is in a very bad shape. We also have in plan to open a foundry. This contract will bring ”Pretis” on global market, where it belongs”, said Trhulj.

He added that ”Pretis” has a clear perspective, and previous obligations will be solved by selling stocks of finished and semi-finished products.

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