Prices of Registrations of Passenger Cars in B&H to increase from this Week

saobracajWith the amendments to Regulation that is regulating the price of toll in the vehicle registration, citizens of FB&H will pay about 15 BAM more for the registration of their passenger cars from Monday.

The basic fee for all vehicles is 30 BAM, and the correction coefficient will be depending on the category of vehicles, for mopeds it will amount to 1.20 BAM, for passenger cars up to 1,001 cubic centimeters of volume 1.60 BAM, and 2 BAM for vehicles up to 1,600 cubic meters. The buses will be paying coefficient from 3.75 BAM to 22.70 BAM, and heavy vehicles from 1.83 BAM to 36 BAM.

In simple terms, the owners of cars from 1001 to 1600 cubic centimeters were paying the toll of 50 BAM, while the new price is 60 KM. For cars from 1,600 cubic centimeters to 2,000 cubic centimeters toll stood at 60 BAM, and the new price is 75 BAM, and the car owners with a capacity between 2,000 and 2,500 cubic centimeters will allocate 140 BAM for the toll instead of 100 BAM. All of those who have cars over 2,500 cubic centimeters will allocate 210 BAM for the toll, instead of 150 BAM.

From the Government of FB&H state that compensation for public roads, which is paid during the registration of motor vehicles and trailers, represents public revenue and significant financial resources that are intended for maintenance, protection, rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of public roads in the FB&H and that in the total mass of public revenues intended for financing of public roads it makes 27.65 %.

In the explanation of the adoption of the new regulation was stated that the regulation that has been applied since 2010 has brought negative effects and reduced public revenues compared to the previous period.

(Source: N.N./klix.ba)

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