Prime Minister of the Una-Sana Canton asking for Closure of Eastern Border of Bosnia-Herzegovina



The Prime Minister of the Una-Sana Canton Mustafa Ruznic stated on Wednesday that migrants had been successfully transferred from the Vucjak reception camp near Bihac.

He called on the Council of Ministers, as well as Chairman of Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija, to do everything possible to close the country’s eastern border.

“We are demanding from BiH’s Prime Minister Novalic to abolish the talgo train line,” Ruznic added.

The Vucjak reception camp is empty today and it is expected that an excavator will clear the ground after the tents have been removed and disinfection done.

Around 700 migrants were relocated last night in 14 buses from the Vucjak locality near Bihac. They arrived late last night at the Usivak barracks near Hadzici settlement in Sarajevo, where their temporary accommodation will be, while another 330 migrants were transferred to Blazuj, although not all are ready to receive migrants, News Agency Patria reports.

The relocation ended without incidents, IOM said, and migrants are now accommodated in a warm place and provided with mattresses and blankets, and have also been given warm meals prepared by Pomozi.ba humanitarian organization.

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