Prime Minister Zvizdic: BiH will not be a Collector of Migrants for any Money of the EU

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH Denis Zvizdic said that Bosnia and Herzegovina would not be a collector of migrants for any money of the European Union.

“There is no money that can offer us for BiH to be a collector of migrants, our capacities are known, and we are constantly monitoring them. BiH will not be a collector of migrants, “ said Zvizdic after the ministerial meeting on Tuesday here.

The topic of the migrant crisis has taken the most time at today’s session of the Council of Ministers. The Ministry of Defense was tasked with submitting to the BiH Presidency a decision on the engagement of forces to prevent the illegal crossing of the border of BiH.

“Locations are accurate and precisely defined, 10 are frequent, and part of the border with Montenegro, Serbia, and that decision will be prepared and addressed to the Presidency,” Zvizdic said.

He announced increased border control in cooperation with the Serbian and Montenegrin border police, and an initiative to receive new cadets in the Border Police of Bosnia, 100 or 150. “They will go along with the entity and cantonal Ministry of Interiors, and the heads or leaders of such units will be members of the Border Police.

He states that they requested a detailed report from the Coordination Board on the expenditure of the current migration crisis, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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