Priority for BiH is Employment

damir20hadzic (1)The BIH Minister of Communication and Transport Damir Hadžić spoke today in Sarajevo during the 4th meeting of the parties to the framework agreement on the Sava river basin with the Minister of Agriculture and Environment of Slovenia Dejan Židan on the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Minister Hadžić said that the cooperation of BiH and Slovenia is at a satisfactory level and is increasing. He added that Slovenia is one of the most important trade partners of BIH, but that there is room for further improvement in cooperation in this area.

Minister Hadžić said that BiH is open for potential investors from Slovenia, and that with the opening of production facilities in BiH enters the market of the CEFTA agreement on free trade.

During the meeting, Minister Hadžić and Židan touched on the issues of restructuring the Slovenian facility Cimos in BiH. Minister Hadžić said that the priority of BiH is the retention of jobs, and that the governments in BiH are ready to intervene in this case in order to find a positive solution.

Minister Židan conveyed to Minister Hadžić the commitment of the Slovenian side to do everything in order to maintain existing jobs, announced the BiH Council of Ministers.

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