Products of Company “Tešanjska Vrela” on English and Libyan Markets

voda1-300x270After three months of intensive preparation in the facilities of the ‘Tešanj dijamant’, the production of the first ordered goods began for the English and Libyan markets.

For this market, the brand Esperanza is in charge of the packaging in glass bottles of .75 and .25 liters, which will be found in the most luxurious places of these two markets.

The headquarters of the buyers is in London and the first order was for 150.000 bottles of these two packages.

In the Tešanj spring they are also finalizing preparations for the export of water to the Gulf countries, with whom an agreement has been signed on the export of water under the name ‘Diamond’, announced the company Tešanjska vrela d.o.o.

(Source: Fena)

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