Program of Sarajevo Sonic Studio 2013 Finished

_DSC5566The awarding of diplomas to participants of the master workshops by composer Philippe Manoury completed the two programming cycles of this year’s Sarajevo Music Academy dedicated to acute practices of the international scene of contemporary art music. The project was conceived and implemented in partnership with the Academies of the French Institute and Goethe Institute through the Elysée Fund, with the idea that this cooperation would be held in the coming period.

The project Sarajevo Sonic Studio is a new development initiative of the Sarajevo Music Academy intended for the development of awareness on practices of contemporary art music and its role in the cultural dynamics of society, whose artistic head is Amila Ramović and supervisor Ivan Čavlović. The studio has the ambition to become a new regional focus and a place to provoke thinking on the topic ‘What does it mean to create musical art today?

The music academy, as an institution that connects the idea of musical creation, presentation and education, is an ideal place in which music artists and theorists can connect with the public on dialogue on topics that connect them through awareness of our musical environment.

(Source: Press Office Sarajevo Sonic Studio)

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