Promotion of the book ”Miss Biljana Tepalj and other stories” in Charlama

On Thursday, 31 January, at 6 p.m. Jasmin Agić will promote his book ”Miss Biljana Tepalj and other stories” (Gospođica Biljana Tepalj i druge priče) in art gallery Charlama, Sarajevo.Professor Muhidin Džanko will also talk about this book.

Writer Bajram Redžepagić wrote in his review that the book has all the characteristics of a good book. It is a book of 18 stories varying in length and content. Agić’s stories mostly talk about the past of BiH, and the author is not afraid to show his political and ideological convictions.

Jasmin Agić was born in 1982 in Zenica, and graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. He’s the author of large number of essays which have been published in BiH press.

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