Promotion of tourist offer of Montenegro in Sarajevo and Banja Luka

crna-gora5Montenegro has adapted prices to conditions of the economic crisis and has created an offer that suits everyone, said the manager of  National Tourist Organisation Saša Radović.

Radović, at the promotion of Montenegrin tourist offer in Sarajevo, has called BiH citizens to come to Montenegro and to explore its culture and tradition.

National tourist organisation said that two day promotion was held in Sarajevo as a part of the campaign for promotion of tourism of Montenegro, and added that citizens of Sarajevo showed a great interest for the promotion.

Radović and ambassador of Montenegro to Sarajevo Dragan Đurović hosted representatives of BiH public life and tourist and media business partners.

Đurović noted that two countries have excellent relations, which is a good example to the entire region.

Promotion of this year’s tourist offer of Montenegro will be held today in Banja Luka.

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