Promotion of traditional costumes in Tuzla

On Monday night, a workshop themed ” The importance and role of traditional costumes in the presentation of the stage folk heritage” in the organization of the Association of music artists of TK, BKC and the Museum of Eastern Bosnia, was held at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Tuzla

The workshop was held within the 5th  Festival of sevdalinka of the Tuzla Canton entitled ” Sevdalinko u srcu te nosim”. The aim of this workshop was to educate costume designers, choreographers and members of the cultural and arts associations about the need for faithful portrayal of the national costumes and their proper wear and function on the stage.

Svjetlana Bajić, the counselor from the National Museum of B&H talked about the topic “From traditional to stage costumes”. Besides Bajić, her colleagues, a counselor from the National Museum of B&H, Marica Filipović, talked about the topic ” Raw materials and fabric for the design of traditional costumes” and a colleague from the Museum of Eastern Bosnia, Vesna Isabegović talked about the topic ” Jewelry as the key elements of traditional costumes”.


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