Ramljak urged Konzum’s Suppliers to be patient and continue with Cooperation

ramljakThe Commissioner of the Government of Croatia for “Agrokor”, Ante Ramljak, urged all suppliers of Konzum in BiH to be patient and continue with cooperation.

After conversation with representatives of more than a hundred companies that supply Konzum stores in BiH with their products, he stated that the complete information on the state of finances at the moment is presented and noted that Konzum is repaying its debts in accordance with its current possibilities and that the inflow of funds amounts to around 2 million BAM per day.

Konzum currently owes a total of 112 million BAM to its suppliers, while the total debt of this Agrokor’s subsidiary amounts to about 202 million BAM.

“We are not giving false hopes, but we are doing everything to calm things down,” said Ramljak.

“After today’s meeting, I believe that we will reach agreements on further cooperation that are in the mutual interest of all employees and other partners of Konzum in BiH. I also believe that this process can be a positive contribution to the economy of BiH”.

Sasa Trivic from Krajinaklas from Banja Luka said on behalf of suppliers that they are all aware of the current situation of Konzum and that they will try to reach an understanding through conversations. Suppliers are mostly ready to continue with cooperation in accordance with their capabilities.

However, he noted that large suppliers are insisting on special conditions and they are not satisfied.



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