Rare breathtaking Phenomenon in Bosnia! (video)

Kapljuh is a village in the municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, located  in part of the Bravska polje, with a couple of small springs that give water over the winter.

In Kapljuh, a Roman milestone was found at the location of Mramor 6 kiometers away from the one in Bare. One tower is located on the Latinski peak, probably a Roman fortification to secure the road. There is a Roman material found here.

In Kapljuh, the land is infertile, unsuitable for agriculture. That was the reason why it was last inhabited.

Kapljuh is known for its sinkholes, depressions in the ground that has no natural external surface drainage. Basically, this means that when it rains, all of the water stays inside the sinkhole and typically drains into the subsurface.

Sinkholes are most common in what geologists call, “karst terrain.” These are regions where the types of rock below the land surface can naturally be dissolved by groundwater circulating through them.

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