Read which Food you have to try while in Trebinje


Trebinje is one of the most beautiful, but also the most underrated cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this city, you have an opportunity to see so many things, and what needs to be emphasized especially is food. Phenomenal food.

The best way to discover one country is to try its specialities. For that reason, here is a simple guide for a visit to Trebinje, and all you need is a goodwill and appetite.

You simply have to experience Herzegovina. The traditional way of preparing food in this karstic climate is rather slow and is often seen as monotonous and oppressive. But, food in Trebinje is being prepared with love and slowly, and that is what gives it a special charm.

Legend says that Zeus was born in the cave where bees fed him with honey. Roman poet Vergilie called bees a touch of life. For many people in Trebinje, this is a way of life. Honey production is surely one of ways for sustainable development in this area, Herzegovina is a home of more than 100 different species of endemic plants. You can pick it if you want but bees did their best to offer it as their honey. In Trebinje, you have an opportunity to try honey, as well as take it with you, and also learn about bees and the way they are making honey.

Cheese “Skripavac“

“Skripavac“ is the name of a cheese characteristic for this region. As its name indicated, it creaks under your teeth while you are eating it. Not only it makes meal funny, but also gives you a special sensation while you eat it. This delicious, light white cheese is being made by the old recipe from the unpasteurized milk of cows that are fed with the same plants out of which bees make honey.


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