Bentbasa Cliff Diving 2019 soon in Sarajevo!

Organized by the Sports and Tourism Promotion Association “SporTur” from Sarajevo, the Bentbasa Cliff Diving 2019 will be held for the fifth time on Saturday 3rd August at 14:00 o’clock.

As the organizer, the well-known BiH jumper Dino Bajric said, some new things are being prepared this year in relation to previous competitions, which will make this year’s event more attractive to visitors.

This year, figurative jumps will be held in water by rules similar to the Cliff Diving World Series in high altitude jumps as well as by the rules of traditional water jumping. Thus, the platform from which the jumpers will make their jump will be set to a higher height than it was in earlier years.

Participation was announced by the most successful jumpers from Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Denmark, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and fans of this sport in BiH will get a chance to watch the attractive jumps on Bentbasa.

Bentbasa (bent – embankment or dam; in the pronunciation often Bembasa) is part of Sarajevo located in the Old Town, along the flow of Miljacka River.


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