Reconstruction of Medallions of Sarajevo Monument of Ferdinand and Sophie in Final Phase

Na fotografiji: Daniel Premec FOTO FENA/ALMIR RAZICThe reconstruction of the “Monument to murder “, which was created after the assassination of the Austro – Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Duchess of Hohenberg Sophie in Sarajevo is towards the end.

Young B&H sculpture artist Daniel Premec, who leads the reconstruction, pointed out in a conversation for Agency Fena that a part of the monument, which is located at the B&H Art Gallery , more precisely the medallion with the figure of Ferdinand and Sophie did not suffer any major damage.

“The damages that can be seen on the monument are caused mostly by time, more specifically, the bronze of which this part of the monument is made eventually oxidized. However, since bronze is resistant through centuries, I can say that there is no major damage”, explained Premec.

After the reconstruction, this monument will look the same as when it was created, said Premec.

He emphasized the artistic value of the monument, but also the fact that looking at it the method that the artists worked on back then can be seen. He pointed out that political interpretations should be ignored and the public should be allowed to see this art piece. The medallion itself is a combination of sculpture and relief.

The author of this monument is the Hungarian architect Eugen Bory, who finished it in 1916. The monument was done in Budapest and was brought to Sarajevo on 28 June 1917.

(Source: Fena)

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