Red Bull Cliff Diving: Mostar as the next stop for the World’s Top Divers

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]On Saturday the 18th of July the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup 2015 was held at the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, and the winner for the 5th time in a row was the current champion Gary Hunt. The next stop for the championship is Mostar, where the world’s top divers will perform their incredible jumps from the Old Bridge on the 15th of August.

British Gary Hunt once again showed why he is a champion and four-time in a row winner of the competition this season so far. Although he was only 12th after the first round of jumps, after the remaining three jumps he managed to reach his 5th victory in 5 competitions this year. It will be interesting to see whether his winning streak will continue at the Old Bridge.

The tournament on the small island of Vila Franca do Campo in the Azores was special because divers were jumping off directly from cliffs, in the truest form of the cliff diving. The fascinating volcanic monoliths served as a jumping board from a height of 27 meters for men and 20 meters for women.

Next month, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup is coming for the first time to our country. On the Old Bridge in Mostar, we will have the opportunity to see the world’s best divers on the 15th of August, just three weeks after the traditional jumps from the Old Bridge.

For all the information and news regarding the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup competition in Mostar, follow and the official web site of the competition.



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