The Ministry carried out all the preparatory activities for a better Response to the spread of Fire

osDeputy Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina for Protection and Rescue, Samir Agić told FENA today that the Ministry has carried out all the preparatory activities for a better response to the spread of fire.

“This also is proven by the evidence and activities that were undertaken a few days ago on extinguishing the fire in the vicinity of Trebinje,” he stated.

He added that the Security Minister asked the Minister of Defense to the BiH Presidency at the start of activities on receiving a standing order for quick action in case of need of the engagement of the Armed Forces in situations of fire.

As far as international cooperation and seeking international assistance, the Ministry of Security, the Operation and Communication Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina 112, is available in the field for 24 hours.

“We’ll be ready if there is a serious, broader fire that cannot be handled by forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and then it is possible to ask for international help,” said Agić.

According to him, today he got the first request for international assistance and it is related, not to the fires, but support from the air in the process of searching for two missing people in the Brčko area.

“We have already carried out contacts with our colleagues in both entities and with neighboring countries. We are trying to make contact with EUFOR, given the need to find a thermal imaging camera to record space from the air that is otherwise inaccessible for basic visibility. We’ll try to get in touch with colleagues from EUFOR, which, we believe, have such technical means which would EUFOR as an international force was in this moment of support. We will see in the next few hours on the way to be realized this activity,” said Agić.

(Source: Fena)

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