Regina presented the video for their new song

Yesterday in Sarajevo, band ‘Regina’ presented their new video for the song ‘Na Balkanu’.

After the video for song ‘Kad poludimo’ that presented the love in a bit crazy and funny manner, video ‘Na Balkanu’ talks about more serious love story, and the scenes follow the strong and emotional text of the song.

The main actors of the video are Davor Ebner and young model Katarina Glumac, and the video is directed by Andrija Dabić.

Band Regina is a rock band founded in 1990 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia.

Three of the members, Aleksandar, Bojan and Denis, started a garage band. It was hard for them to find the right lead singer, but after a long while of searching, they found Davor Ebner. Once the band Regina was created, they had success all over Yugoslavia. The band’s guitarist was Goran Lucic. Their songs are inspired by the Irish band U2. The composer of the group is Aleksandar Čović.

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