BiH Institute for Standardization Reached the Level of European Institutes

By: Nevena Šarenac

The EU project “Support to the Institute for Standardization of BiH”, worth 800.000 euros, has been successfully implemented. This was confirmed during the conference that marked the completion of the Twinning Project, and which was organized today at the headquarters of the EU Delegation to BiH in Sarajevo.

The EU financed the project with 500.000 euros from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA 2009), while BiH provided the rest of the funds.

The Director of the BiH Institute for Standardization (BAS) Aleksandar Cincar noted that the Consortium consisted of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), Bulgarian Institute for Standardization (BDS), and led by the Association for Standardization and Certification of Spain (AENOR).

“The objectives of the project have been realized. The BiH Institute for Standardization established an information center for notification of standards for the EU and the World Trade Organization, and on the other hand the Institute has reached the level of European institutes for standardization in introducing a system that enables direct access to standard databases’’, said Cincar.

The project is of vital importance for the development of infrastructure quality in BiH.

The project secured the integration of BiH markets with markets of the EU and fostered an environment in which BiH industry and manufacturers could improve their industries and trade relations with the EU and international markets.

The leader of the project from an EU member state (AENOR) Francisco Verdera Mari assessed that the project was an interesting initiative and achieved successful results.

“The result of the project was that BAS is now in a perfect position to become a member of the European standardization body. Industry and consumers in BiH have standards that are equivalent or equal to that in the EU’’, said Francisco Verdera Mari.

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