Reis Kavazović: Terrorists do not represent our Religion nor our Community

Kavazović about Attack in Paris bosnjaci.agencyOn the occasion of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Reis-ul-Ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazović issued a press release in which he most strongly condemns the terrorist attacks in Paris and the killing of innocent people.

“I most strongly condemn and express the deepest indignation, and on this occasion I remind that killing one innocent man is an attack on the entire mankind,” Reis Kavazović said.

Kavazović assessed that the attacks in Paris represents on only a difficult moral downfall which cannot be justified in any way, but a sin towards God as well.

The Islamic Community and Muslims in B&H express deepest condolences and solidarity with the French people in their suffering.

“We remember the support and solidarity of the French citizens when we have recently been experiencing the sowing of fear and terror,” the press release stated.

Reis Kavazović expressed his belief that the French country and society will adequately respond to terrorism, but that they will also resolutely oppose the realization of the terrorists’ intentions to cause wrath and retaliation towards Muslims and Muslim communities in Europe with their attacks.

“I especially invite Muslims in Europe to stay calm and collected and have no doubts: terrorists do not represent our religion or our community, and terrorism cannot be justified morally, religiously or politically,” Kavazović said.

(Source: klix.ba)

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