Remembering the Victims from Prijedor: 3.176 White Ribbons to be divided to Sarajevans

Prijedor victims memoryOn the occasion of the White Ribbon Day, 31st May (Sunday), AntiDayton movement will, as in the previous three years, share white ribbons to passers in Sarajevo.

For this year, 3.176 white ribbons were ensured, which is the current number of victims from Prijedor, although it is being increasing every year.

AntiDayton will carry out this action in the cooperation with BH Radio “Nasa Rijec“ from Chicago and the Association of Sarajevans from Chicago, who financed more than 40 meters of canvas for white ribbons.

Also, members of the AntiDayton financed the purchase of white sheets that should appear at certain windows and balconies in Titova street on 31st May.

Hereby, we invite all citizens of Sarajevo but of the entire B&H as well, to show they solidarity, and pay tribute and respect to victims from Prijedor, by reminding to them with white sheets and armbands.

(Source: nap.ba)

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