Report on the Condition of Roads at 10:30

Saobracajni-policajacThe traffic on the section M-17 Maglaj-Doboj is still suspended.
Due to the overload of the regional road (R-465 through Ševarlije), cargo vehicles up to 10 tons and 4 meter height are allowed to pass by a special regime and order (from one direction and then from the other direction). Passenger cars run in this bypass without restrictions.

Traffic suspension remains in force on the roads and directions as following:
M-16 Jajce-Krupa on Vrbas,
M-15 Ključ-Sanski Most (allowance just for vehicles up to 3,5 ton through R-410a, other cargo vehicles go through Bihać, Bosanska Krupa and Lušci Palanka) and M-14.1 Brčko-Lončari.
On the section M-1.8 Lončari-Orašje police is allowing only vehicles which transport assistance and rescuing teams. The path towards Orašje is closed for the rest of vehicles.

On the sections: M-14.1 Odžak-Bosanski Brod and R-441 Zenica-Vitez (in Čajdraš) traffic only passenger cars and even those with delays.

On the section M-4 Simin Han-Kalesija (in Čaklovići) the traffic is suspended for the cargo vehicles, while passenger cars run alternatively, in one trail.
The same situation is on the direction M-19 Zvornik-Bijeljina (on the section Donji Šepak-Debela Međa).

Drivers are advised to be careful of rockfalls and landslides in regard to other directions.

The boarder cross Orašje, Bosanski Šamac, Brčko and B. Rača are closed due to floods. The traffic is open on GP Pavlovića bridge since last night. The traffic of vehicles on the other boarder crossing points is taking place with shorter delays, announced BIHAMK.

(Source: Fena)

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