Rešidat: National Museum to be opened in early September!


The Minister of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton, Samer Rešidat, announced that the National Museum will be opened during early September, and that the authorities of B&H found a solution for the financing of the cultural institutions.

“Three months of work have proven to be fruitful. One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Sarajevo Canton (CS) and me, of course with the help of other institutions and the State Minister for Civil Affairs, Adil Osmanović, was to succeed in setting the National Museum to be open during early September. I’m glad that our priority was to solve the problem of the National Museum and six other cultural institutions, “said Rešidat.

He added that the main problem related to financial construction, which should ensure continuous work on all seven institutions, has been resolved as well.

“The institutions will be financed from all levels of government, or the state, federal, cantonal, and municipal level. The Ministry of Culture and Sports of CS will take over most of the obligations when it comes to the payment of the accumulated debt as well as the financing in during future periods,” said Rešidat.

Rešidat emphasized that it was a shame that this problem was an example of poor relations between the levels of government in the past, and that the two nailed boards represented their commitment to culture.

“The positive and encouraging thing is that an agreement has been reached. We are still waiting for an answer from the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, but we are hoping that human relationships towards these institutions will outweigh any political goals,” concluded Rešidat.



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