Residents of Sarajevo can have serious Health Consequences because of Air

This morning, the air in Sarajevo is polluted and can have serious consequences for the health of the inhabitants, according to the “Ekoakcija” portal.

The most endangered categories of the population are pregnant women, the elderly and children, people with respiratory and heart problems, who should remain at home.

Due to the deterioration of air quality and weather conditions, the Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision of the Implementation of the Plan of Intervention Measures in Cases of Excessive Air Pollution has declared an episode of “readiness” in the Sarajevo Canton.

Based on data collected by the “Air Visual” service, this morning at 7.00 am Sarajevo has the most polluted air in the world with a quality index of 333.

In Visoko, the quality index is 260, and in Zenica 206, which increases the likelihood of negative consequences for the respiratory organs of the population.

Patients with lung and heart disease, pregnant women, children and the elderly should avoid any activities during their stay outside, and everyone else should avoid prolonged or increased stress during their stay outside.

Unhealthy air is in Doboj with a quality index of 193, in Pale 190, in Prijedor 188, in East Sarajevo 181, Gorazde 180 and Banja Luka 158.

Citizens are advised to avoid longer stays outdoors and to reduce physical activities, and to wear appropriate protective masks. Prolonged ventilation of the room is not recommended due to the high concentration of harmful particles in the air.

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