Germany puts BiH on the list of high-risk Countries

Germany has returned Bosnia and Herzegovina to the list of high-risk countries, so from Sunday it will be difficult to enter that country, ie for unvaccinated and people who did not pass Covid-19 will have to be quarantined.

In addition to BiH, the list of countries with a higher risk of infection has returned, among others, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, but also EU countries such as France, Austria, Latvia, Bulgaria, and other countries around the world.

As far as the region is concerned, Croatia has been on the list of high-risk countries since October 24 last year, Montenegro since August 15, and Slovenia since September 26.

Returning to the list of high-risk countries particularly affects travelers who have not been vaccinated.

From Sunday, all travelers who want to enter Germany will have to register electronically, and they must have a certificate of vaccination, or a negative test for the corona virus.

Vaccinated and cured people do not have to go to the obligatory ten-day quarantine.

Persons who have not been infected with covid and have not been vaccinated can be released from isolation at the earliest on the fifth day by testing for Covid 19.

Unvaccinated children under the age of six are exempt from this measure and their quarantine is terminated automatically after five days.

Germany has tightened entry measures due to the spread of omicron strain.

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