Results of the New Survey: Clinton increased the Lead against Trump

trump-clintonHillary Clinton has increased advantage over her rival Donald Trump in the run for president of the United States, by reaching 50 % of support from potential voters, which is the result of a new poll by ABC News.

Clinton has the support of 50 % of the electorate body, while Trump has 38 %, Gary Johnson has 5 % and Jill Stein has 2 %.

The poll was conducted after the third presidential debate in which, according to the votes, Hillary Clinton won.

ABC News poll shows that Clinton has an advantage of 20 % among women, 3 % among men, as well as the advantage among the potential voters of all educational levels.

Trump greatest support are still white citizens without higher education – 36 %.

Clinton had the advantage in the CNN poll as well, and the results there were 48 % versus 39 % for Trump.

ABC News performed the survey between 20th and 22nd of October, and a total of 874 potential voters participated in it.


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