A Revolutionary or a Tyrant: Split Reactions following Castro’s Death

Although he promised freedom and equality across the Central and South America, Fidel Castro kept thousands of political prisoners, and decades after his rise to power many people escaped to the USA. He was controversial, which reflected on reactions of politicians throughout the world after Castro’s death.

Citizens of Havana were sad after hearing the news about Castro’s death.

“I am deeply shaken. Whatever people say, he was a public individual who was respected and loved by the entire world,” said a student from Havana Sariel Valdespino.

In Miami, where many Cubans who found exile from the communist rule now live, the reactions are totally opposite. Happiness, drum playing and car horns.

Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen from South Florida (area where many Cuban escapees live) wrote on her Twitter account that this is the moment when a new chapter in the history of Cuba must be written.

“The tyrant is dead. The message is now clear for all those who had the intention to rule Cuba with repression and fear. It is enough!,” Ros-Lethinen wrote.

Cuban author and activist Yoani Sanchez shared a bitter memory on Twitter.

“My mother grew up during Fidel Castro’s rule, I was born under his rule. My son was born during his rule, but my grandchildren won’t be,” she wrote.

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, expressed condolences and described Castro as one of the most legendary individuals of the 20th century.

Many people believe that Castro is a symbol of defiance against the oppression from the West. Prominent Pakistani politician Imran Khan praised Castro, saying that he is a fighter for his people.

Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, wrote that Castro was a friend of Mexico and that he improved the relations of these two countries which were founded on respect, solidarity and dialogue.

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, wrote that Castro was a great leader.

Nicolás Maduro, the defeated president of Venezuela, invited all revolutionaries of the world to preserve Castro’s legacy.


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