Rich Program of the Festival “As it was used to be before Christmas”

festivalRich cultural and artistic program of the 16th Festival of Christmas songs, folk dances and customs ” As it was used to be before Christmas 2015″, which will be held on the 2nd of December in the Bosnian Cultural Center, was presented in Sarajevo.

At the festival, which was realized by the Association “Libertas”, among others will participate Zorica Kondza, Jasmin Stavros, Vera Svoboda, “Crveni koralji,” Duka Caic, Matko Jelavic, Drazen Zeric Zera, Ana Babic, Group “Stijene”, Big Band Sarajevo, VIS “Jukici”, Tambura orchestra of Franciscan Theology in Sarajevo, the choir “Caritasovaca” CAS “Izvor” from Usora, CAS “Vogosca”, Mladen Jelicic Troka and many others.

Director of the Festival Zeljko Gudelj said that the Tourist Board of the city of Zupanja will present traditions from Slavonia before the concert in the lobby of BCC, and show the visitors how Christmas is celebrated in this part of Croatia.

He also emphasized that cultural and artistic societies will present traditions of the Catholic Croats from B&H, including “Izvor” from Usora and “Vogosca” and show the tradition of the Catholic Croats from Derventa.

Sale of tickets have started at BCC at a price of 12 BAM.


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