We are building an Alternative Road, less Traffic Jams at the Entrance to Sarajevo

efendicThe municipality of Novi Grad is working to resolve the problem of traffic jams at the entrance to Sarajevo from the direction of Rajlovac, which is caused by the complete suspension of traffic for all vehicles to Stup. At the same time, they are working on the demolition of the bridge, and preparing alternative road, which should be in function from Tuesday, said the Mayor of the municipality Novi rad Semir Efendic.

Traffic from the direction of Sarajevo settlement Rajlovac to Stup was completely routed through the Safeta Zajke Street on Thursday, due to the construction works on the demolition of the bridge that is located before the roundabout that is connecting the highway. Huge traffic jams occurred as well as the outrage of citizens who believed that putting into function of the Sarajevo bypass and connecting Stup with the highway would significantly reduce traffic jams.

The Municipality of Novi Grad sent an urgent letter to the Railways of the FB&H on Friday to approve the construction of another temporary railway crossing, and it was also requested from the private companies in Brijesce to allow passage across their land for temporary road that will be in the function until the completion of the works on reconstruction of the bridge.

“I was at the construction site together with representatives of the Railways of the FB&H, contractors and the Roads of FB&H where we agreed method of construction of temporary road and railway crossing near the construction site. The works are starting immediately today and we are expecting to set up about 350 meters long alternative road near the construction site by Tuesday. Road will be a dirt road and intended for two-way traffic of small vehicles. Freight traffic will still have to take the bypass road or other alternative roads,” said Efendic.

Accession to alternative road will be possible from the direction of Brijesce, at the intersection almost 50 meters before the bridge. From the direction of Stup, accession to alternative road in Brijesce will take place on new roundabout, right next to the construction site.

After alternative roads is opening to traffic, we are expecting normalization of traffic on this section. Drivers are also recommended to use other alternative routes, primarily the Sarajevo bypass, especially drivers that are coming from the direction of Zenica and Tuzla.

(Source: klix.ba)

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