Rijaset: Wearing of the Hijab is not forbidden by any Law or Regulation in B&H

hijab2Rijaset of the Islamic Community in B&H (IZ B&H) discussed the information on the increasing number of Muslim women who are exposed to discrimination and mobbing in employment and on their jobs because of wearing a headscarf, at the session that was held yesterday.

Regarding this, Rijaset in B&H “expressed special concern about the increase of these cases in the public service and public administration”.

“Wearing the headscarf is a fundamental part of Muslim belief and it is not forbidden by any law or legislation in B&H. According to international and domestic laws of freedom of religion and beliefs, wearing the headscarf represents a fundamental human right. Direct and indirect discrimination and mobbing that these women are reporting is unacceptable in a plural and democratic society which inherited the rule of the law,” as announced from the Rijaset of IZ B&H.

Rijaset of IZB&H which is supporting the secular principle of separation of religious institutions and the state and its world view neutrality, noted that this is the individual human right which is based on each individual’s conscience, which should be respected by the State and its organs.

“The Islamic Community in B&H condemns discrimination and mobbing, and encourages women to ask for their rights and urges them to use all available legal means, including bringing legal charges where they believe that this fundamental right was denied to them,” as said in a statement of Rijaset of IZB&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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