BHRT: Going to the Eurovision will not cost B&H Citizens a Single Fening

contestantsAfter three years, B&H will participate again on Eurosong, which will be held next year in Stockholm, Sweden.

Singer Dalal Midhat Talakic and singer Deen will represent our country at Eurovision, and Croatian cellist Ana Rucner will join them at the scene.

“We believe that participation on Eurosong is a big promotion, not only for the public service and the contractor, but for the entire B&H and all its potentials, of course, for those who understand that business people see the possibility in Eurosong to present their product in front of 120 to 150 million people,” said Lejla A. Babovic, head of the Department of International Affairs of Radio and Television of B&H (BHRT).

“We were contacted by Studio Tempo Production that is led by Almir Ajanovic, author of the text, music and arrangement for this song, and offered that they finance the project. They offered interesting regional story in which Ana Rucner would perform with them on the scene to interest a region,” explained Babovic.

In 5 days, the group managed to provide basic funds for payment of the registration fee, and made an agreement with companies that are willing to support the project: Apu Network from Sweden (network of business people who are originally from B&H), BBI Real Estate, Azel France, Amko Commerce, Farmavita, Lottery of B&H, Bosnalijek, Tempo production and the Association of artists and musicians.


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