Romani all over the World celebrate Durdevdan Today

One of the most important holidays for Roma population all over the world is the Đurđevdan/Ederlezi (St. George’s Day).

This holiday celebrates the return of springtime and is considered the most important.

Preparation for this holiday start in early May, and on the night before Đurđevdan, all the houses are cleaned up and decorated with herbs and flowers.

On that occasion, spring water is brought to home and eggs, flowers, willow branches are put in the water. Also, in early morning all Romanies go to lake or river to make the cleansing ritual, which takes away all the bad things that happened during the past year, and in the same time they wish for more health and happiness.

After the ritual they dress up in nicest clothes and then the celebration with meals, songs and dance starts.

On the day of the feast it is most common to grill a lamb for the feast dinner. The appearance of music is also very important during this holiday. Aside from dancing and singing, traditional Brass bands are popular.

In BiH, Đurđevdan is the opportunity for Romanies to show a part of their rich culture which influenced other peoples of these areas.


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