Roundtable on Connecting Rural Entrepreneurs and Diaspora

The Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship in the Tuzla Canton, in cooperation with the Center for Economic Development (CEDAR) from Sarajevo organized today in Tuzla a roundtable entitled “Connecting Rural Entrepreneurs and Diaspora in BiH”. CEDAR is currently implementing a project called “Connecting Rural Entrepreneurs and Diaspora in BiH and Albania”, which is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development through the regional program of promoting research (RRPP).

The objective of this project is to identify key needs and the barriers for successful rural business operations, analyzing the potential of BiH diaspora, and define a list of recommendations for connecting rural entrepreneurs and the diaspora based on identified needs of rural entrepreneurs and the potential of diaspora.

After the successful completion of surveys and an analysis of the survey data collected, the intention is to open a discussion of the ways in which the diaspora can help rural businesses, and with this the overall economic development of Tuzla canton.

Based on the results of the discussions during the roundtable, the staff involved in this project will prepare a joint list of suggestions of the ways of connecting rural entrepreneurs and diaspora in the Tuzla Canton region. It will be distributed to all relevant institutions for review and their eventual involvement in development strategies and plans.

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