RS: Demining plan was fully implemented

Civil Protection Administration (CPA) of RS has fully implemented the Demining plan for 2012, which was adopted by the Government of RS.

Manager of CPA Milimir Doder said that the Government of RS invested 22,584,000 BAM in the process of demining.

”In the last year we’ve destroyed 5,163 explosive devices, 297 mines, we’ve cleaned 45 rubbles and cleared out 341,426 square meters of mine polluted area”, said Doder.

He added that deminer teams have destroyed 237,843 explosive devices, 12 099 mines, cleaned 1,249 rubbles and cleared out 4,642,000 square meters of mine polluted areas.

Doder added that not a single deminer was killed in the last year.

They have modernised the demining equipment, and the Government of RS has gave them 200,000 BAM for the procurement of off-road vehicles, which will arrive in February.

The Government of RS has adopted documents – Demining Plan for 2012, as well as the action plans in the preparation and implementation of protection and rescue from fires, floods and snowfall.

“These documents are fully implemented, and they proved to be good during major snowfalls, floods and fires, when we successfully reacted,” he said.

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