The RS gave up from Another Referendum?

5-amazing-countries-bosnia-visegradReferendum with the question “Do you support that the seat of the municipality of Visegrad moves from the Kralja Petra I Street to Andricgrad” will not be held, as decided on the extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly by majority led by the SNSD, with 12 votes “against” and 6 votes “for “.

After the explanation of the request for an emergency session and holding a referendum by Chairman of the Board of deputies of SDS Brano Smiljic, it was said that on this important issue for Visegrad should declare all citizens, and not just 12 councilors of the coalition SNSD, DNS, SP, SNS and SDA, and after voting, the President of the Assembly noted that the agenda was not adopted.

Every comment is redundant because this is a form of political violence where the decisions are made without discussion and no one does not care for the opinion of citizens who requested the referendum with 800 signatures,” said committee member of the SDS, Ljubisa Skipina.

Councilor of NDP Aleksandar Fulurija said that this meeting showed that there is practically no democracy in the municipal parliament.

“One historic decision that is important for the future of the city and for the next hundred years, the relocation of the municipal administration in the private complex of Andricgrad, did not even get to regular discussion and other opinions, and it was not allowed to present counterarguments,”  added Fulurija.

President of the Municipal Assembly Bilal Memisevic noted that the session was legal and legitimate.

On January session of the Municipal Assembly, the parliamentary majority voted that the seat of the municipal administration is moved from downtown to City House in the complex Andricgrad.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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