RS Premier Spoke With IMF Representatives About Implementing the Stand-By Arrangement

Implementation of the program together with the BiH stand-by arrangement with the IMF is proceeding as planned, and it should continue in this way in the future, said the first Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, Nemat Shafik, during a talk with the Premier of the RS Aleksandar Džombić.

The talks were attended by the IMF Resident Representative in BiH Ruben Atoyan.

Džombić spoke with the IMF representatives on the macroeconomic indicators in the RS for the past year, and estimates of economic growth and gross domestic product for the current year, as well as measures to overcome the crisis in the RS government.

During the meeting, the economic situation in the region and in the EU was discussed.

The ongoing strike in the RS, cooperation with representatives of the FBiH and common institutions, and other current issues in the RS and BiH were discussed at the meeting in Banja Luka.

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